Consultation Fees

Our doctors believe in providing the highest quality in patient care without compromise and as such Newmarket Family Doctors is a private billing medical centre and payment is expected on the day.

We accept Cash, EFTPOS and credit card payments, and we are able to transfer your receipt electronically to Medicare so that you receive your rebate directly back into your bank account. Please ask our staff for more information on this.

Despite being an inner city medical centre we have kept our fee structure well below the recommended AMA fees.

Some of our doctors have different fee structures so please consult the following tables for our fee policies.

In some consultations, there may be additional fees for procedures such as ECGs, respiratory function tests, implanon insertions/removals and surgical procedures. Please ask our reception staff for the respective fees if needed.

Occasionally if your appointment runs over time you may be charged a higher fee but often the out of pocket cost will remain the same,

Disclaimer - We try and keep these fee tables up to date but Medicare changes can occur that will cause differences in the fees that are listed here.

Weekday Consultation Fees for All Doctors

Consultation Time


Medicare Refund
to Patient

Out of Pocket
Cost to Patient

Standard Appointment

15 minutes




Long Appointment

15-30 minutes




Prolonged Appointment

30-45 minutes




1 Hour Appointment

60 minutes




Pensioners & Health Care Card Holders

Pensioners and HCC holders receive discount off the Standard Appointment fees.

15 minutes


$39.10 $35.90
30 minutes


$75.75 $64.25
45 minutes


$111.50 $113.50

COVID Special Fees

Telehealth consultations are limited to a standard consultation time and fee and are charged at the same fee and Medicare rebate as the Standard Consultation

Car Park visits are charged at a higher rate but the out of pocket cost to the patient is the same as a Standard Consultation

Saturday Mornings

On Saturdays all patients are charged at $90 for a standard length consultation.

Non-Medicare Fees

Workcover consultations are charged at a higher rate but generally patients can claim a 100% rebate back from Workcover.

Commercial Vehicle Examinations are charged at $90-$200 dependent on complexity and time and will include GST.

Insurance and legal medical examinations and reports are charged at various rates and will also include GST.

Veteran Affairs

The following appointments types are billed to the government by all our doctors with no cost to the patient:

  • Veteran Affairs Patients

Mental Health Care Plans

Mental health care plans are plans written up by the GP to enable a patient to access Medicare rebates for Psychological Services. Strict rules apply as to who is eligible and patients must have a DSMIV listed mental illness to access the plan.

In general patients can receive 6 session initially with a psychologist under the plan and then another 4 sessions after a GP  has reviewed the patient again. There is in total 10 per year.

The paperwork for the referral can be quite lengthy and Medicare pays different rebates for these plans. Charges for these plans are dependent on how much time is spent.

Care Plans

Care plans enable patients with chronic health conditions to access 5 visits to allied health professionals each year where a rebate is paid by Medicare. The paperwork can be quite lengthy. Charges for these plans are dependent on how much time is spent.

Treatment Room Costs

Procedures are charged at different rates dependent on what is done. Excisions of skin lesions are also charged at different rates dependent on how many lesions are removed and also the histology of the lesion. Sometimes this is not known until we receive the pathology report. If you need a rough estimate before an excision is performed then you will need to speak with the doctor who is planning your excision.

Wound dressings provided by our practice will be charged to the patient in the event that we need to use expensive dressings. Generally though, our doctors and nurses will ask you buy your own dressings for complex wounds but we will advise you on which dressings to buy.