Information for Professionals, Schools & Businesses

Medical Specialists

Our doctors value a close working relationship with our specialist colleagues, and Specialist consultants are always welcomed for a meet and greet with our doctors.

We hold educational small group learning meetings monthly and welcome any specialist who wishes to do a presentation, to please contact us.

We use Medical Director as our software program and all of our doctors are able to receive communications electronically via medical objects and would encourage specialists to communicate in this way.

Additionally, we are able to send referrals via medical objects if desired.

Our doctors would also appreciated being cc'ed into any pathology or radiology testing that is ordered by a specialist to stop double up of test ordering.

Allied Health Professionals

Our doctors enjoy a good working relationship with other health professionals in our area and we maintain a very comprehensive database of physiotherapists, dentists, chiropractors, osteopaths, dieticians, podiatrists, acupuncturists, speech pathologists, child workers, psychologists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, optometrists, social workers, personal trainers and alternative therapists.

As we cannot possibly meet and greet everyone, we would encourage you to send us an introductory bio with your skills and special interests to enter into our database. For health professionals in our immediate locale or who have a unique subspecialty, we may contact you for a meet and greet, so please mention this in your bio if you are interested.

We get a lot of promotional material but our doctors prefer to refer based on recommendation, and we have found that word of mouth from other patients is the best form of promotion for health professionals. Please do not inundate us with excessive marketing.

For larger organisations, some of our GPs are available to speak at inservice training talks on various topics. If you are interested in this, please contact our practice manager Karryn.

If you are seeing one of our patients and require either an EPC care plan or mental health care plan referral, please ensure that you ask the patient to contact our reception to make a long 30 minute appointment as it can take time to do the referral. We do occasionally receive a phone call from a patient who simply expects us to do it without a consultation, and this is against Medicare legislation.

We also would like to make you aware that not all patients are eligible as Medicare is strict about the mental health criteria for a mental health care plan and also a chronic disease label for the EPC care plan. Please ensure that if you are sending a patient to us for a referral that they are eligible otherwise they are wasting a visit to us.


We encourage a close relationship with our nearby pharmacies and if you have any problems with prescriptions that we have ordered, please feel free to call. We value your input into patient management and especially over the counter medicines that may interact with medications that our patients are on.

We often get requests for prescriptions for patients who have presented to a pharmacy without seeing a doctor. We wish to inform you that our policy is not to hand out prescriptions unless they have contacted our surgery themselves. We would hope that you could tide them over with an emergency stock and then ask them to contact us. They will often need to arrange to consult with a doctor.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Reps

Our doctors appreciate pharmaceutical reps keeping us abreast of any new medications or changes to existing medications.

As we are extremely busy, we cannot always meet with you, but encourage you to speak with our nurse to keep our sample cabinet well stocked and up to date. We do have a strict policy that you remove any out of date medication that belongs to your company.

If you are launching a new medication, we may be able to arrange a lunch time meeting for you to detail it to us. Please speak to reception if you have a new medication that you are wanting to promote. This only applies to new medications.

We also hold small group learning meetings with specialists, so if you are wanting to sponsor a meeting, then please inform our practice manager.

We do receive an extraordinary amount of junk mail advertising from pharmaceutical companies that is both wasteful of paper and also unnecessary. We are a green practice so please ensure that you feed back to your marketing departments that we disapprove of un-environmental and wasteful advertising. Additionally, aggressive marketing such as bailing up a doctor in the waiting room is strictly prohibited.

Medical Students

We are a teaching practice and we do take medical students from all Universities. Most attachments are with Dr Cedric Chu.

However, we prefer our students to attend outside of our peak winter months, so your best chance to apply is for months before June or after September.

Each doctor only takes 1 student at a time.