Contacting your Doctor

Telephone Calls

Due to how busy a doctor can get in the day, we cannot always guarantee that we can speak with you on the phone. And for a number of legal reasons, we discourage giving advice over the phone and would encourage you to make an appointment for any medical matters.

If you do need to speak with a doctor, then a message will be taken and they will call you back. As we get a lot of frivolous phone calls, it is essential that you leave the reason for your call otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will call you back if we do not know what it is concerning.

If your call is of an urgent nature, please inform the receptionist of the nature of your call so we can ensure to help you appropriately. Otherwise most phone calls are returned only at the end of a day after consulting hours.


Although some of our doctors may occasionally chose to contact you through email, we do not routinely use email as a form of communication.

Reading and writing emails is extremely time consuming so please do not try and communicate with your doctor via email unless otherwise advised, as we will not respond to your email.

If there is a need to send something by email, you will need to clear this with our reception staff prior to sending it.