Making Appointments


At Newmarket Family Doctors all consultations are by appointment only and a standard consultation is allocated as a 15 minute appointment. Long appointments are available for complex problems. Please see out Appointments and Fees page for further information on how to make an appointment and our billing policy. We also have a link to online appointments from that page.

You are free to see any doctor of your choice, but we encourage you to stay with a doctor that you like and trust, as we believe that you will get the best continuing care by a doctor that knows you and your medical history.

Conversely, should your regular doctor be unavailable, all of our doctors will have access to your computerised records, are highly experienced in all areas of General Practice, and are happy to work together to help you with your health needs.

Accidents and Emergencies


We make every effort to try and look after our patients in an emergency, and occasionally this can include calling an ambulance to you if needed.

Common life threatening emergencies include chest pain, sudden shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, and allergic reactions. In these situations, it is always advisable to call an ambulance by dialing 000, as you are most likely to require hospital attention.

In some semi-urgent cases we can try and fit you into a doctor, so it is always a good idea to inform the reception staff if you feel that you need an urgent appointment.

Sick Children

At Newmarket Family Doctors we understand that a sick child can cause terrible angst and worry for parents and we make every effort to squeeze in a sick child if possible even when we are booked out.

Often times simple problems like ear infections or rashes that are quick consultations can be fitted in between patients but it is very important for you to inform our staff as to the nature of the problem so that our doctors can fit you in appropriately.

If we don't know about the problem, then we can't triage it properly.

What if we are Booked Out?

It is an unfortunate and well recognised fact that the more popular a medical centre is, the more busy it will get, and this can cause frustration for patients and doctors alike when there are no available appointments.

If we are booked out please feel free to leave your name and contact details on our Cancellation List. We often have people calling to cancel and if an appointment becomes available, we will contact you to offer you the appointment.

Additionally sometimes doctors will run ahead of time and may be able to squeeze you in for a fit in appointment.

These cancellation and fit in appointments are given out in order of urgency so it is very important for you to inform our staff as to the nature of your problem so we can fit you in appropriately.  If we don't know how urgent your problem is, then we aren't able to ascertain whether we can fit you in.

These fit in appointments can make a doctor run late, so we ask that you respect the doctor and other patients with this service and only use this service for problems that cannot be booked for another time.

Other Appointment Tips

Hate waiting? We know it happens, and doctors hate to keep you waiting too. But unfortunately emergencies can occur which can cause the doctor to fall behind. We thank you in your understanding of this and we suggest that it is a good principle to prepare for delays as our days can be very unpredictable.

The reception staff will try and inform you if there are any delays. If we are delayed, please feel free to leave a mobile number at reception if you wish to browse around the shopping centre and we can call you back in when the doctor becomes available. It can also pay to phone us ahead of time to see if the doctor is running on time.

If you are short on time, the best appointments are first thing in the morning and just after lunch, as it is unlikely any delays would have built up.

Winter is certainly our busiest months and summer and school holidays are our quietest times. We do encourage you to book non-urgent appointments such as routine health checks for the quieter months.

Saturday Mornings

On Saturday mornings we only have one or two doctors on and our doctors share a Saturday morning roster rotating roughly every 5 weeks. We do not have a nurse working on Saturdays so we cannot do any procedural work.

Higher consultation fees apply for Saturday so please check our billing pages for the costs.