Paperwork Requests


It is considered "best practice" for doctors to prescribe medications while in consultation with you. However, occasionally repeat prescriptions can be done without a consultation if you have seen the doctor within the prior 3-6 months. There may be a $10 fee for this service. There are some medications which cannot be  issued without consultation and your doctor can best advise you on which medications this applies to.

Some doctors will only do non-consultation repeat contraceptive pill prescriptions if you are up to date with pap-smears.

Antibiotic prescriptions are not given without a consultation.

You will need to allow 4 working days notice for repeat prescriptions.


Medicare legislation dictates that you must obtain a referral from a GP to see a specialist. Referrals are generally valid for 1 year, but in some cases specialists will accept a referral for a longer time period if you are needing long term follow up. This will need to be discussed with your doctor.

If you are making an appointment to see a doctor only for a referral, it pays to inform our reception staff of this as this may only need a very short consultation.

It is illegal for a GP to backdate a referral.


Work certificates are legal documents that can be requested by employers. Our doctors abide by a code of conduct with respect to certificates as detailed by the AMA which can be accessed at this link.

Your employer is not privy to your health complaints and we often will use "medical condition" as a cause for sick leave unless otherwise discussed. The only exception to this is for Workcover claims where we must detail your injury.

The AMA have recently asked employers to recognise that it is a drain on Medicare resources for employers to enforce certificates for very short periods off work due to sickness. Please speak with your employer as to how many days off you must have before requiring a certificate.

It is illegal for a GP to back date a certificate.

Referrals requested outside of a consultation may be attract a fee for the service. The referral must medically necessary as required by  Medicare legislation.