Results, Recalls and Reminders

Test Results

Our doctors have a strict rule at the practice to encourage all patients to be responsible for their own test results.

We receive a mixture of emailed, downloaded, faxed and posted results from different specialists, pathology & radiology providers, hospitals and allied health professionals.

Even though we have systems in place to avoid mistakes, unfortunately results can sometimes go missing due to fax problems, computer problems and even postage problems.

For that reason it is essential  for all our patients to follow up on their own results. If your result hasn't come in then it helps us know that we have to track it down.

Additionally we receive hundreds of results every day so we do not automatically call you about results. It is your responsibility to contact us about your results. Please do not assume that we will call you about your results.

Some results can be given over the phone and some are best to be followed up with in person. The doctors at our practice may have different approaches with respect to this, but will inform you as to how to follow up the results when they are ordered. If you are uncertain please check with the doctor.

Test results ordered by other doctors and sent to us as copies are not our responsibility to follow up and we strictly advise that these are followed up with the ordering doctor.

If you have been advised to call for results, it is best to call in the afternoon as this is a less busy time for us. Our nurse will communicate the results to you and any message that the doctor has left with the result. Our nurse is not qualified to give any advice other than the message that accompanies your result. If you require further information on any results, it is best to make an appointment to discuss this directly with the doctor.

Patient Reminders and Recalls

In case of emergencies and for urgent recalls, please ensure that we have an up to date contact phone number for you. We have a computerised reminder system to remind patients for any routine follow ups such as pap smears or blood checks. Please inform the doctor if you wish to be added or removed from a recall list.

For confidentiality reasons we will try to contact to your mobile phone if possible.