Vaccinations Available 2017

In addition to the usual schedule of government funded vaccinations which can be found at this link. There are some other newer available vaccinations that have become available to our patients. For more information please make an appointment to see one of our doctors to discuss your eligibility.

Zostavax - The Shingles (Herpes Zoster) prevention vaccination

This available to anyone over age 70-79 free from our government stock. Shingles is a very painful nerve infection that is the left over consequence of having chickenpox. It has a higher prevalence of recurring in an aged population and can leave people with a prolonged painful nerve pain. People under 70 can also get the vaccination but this must be purchased and we keep some in stock for those who are interested. This program will end in 2021.

Bexsero - The Meningococal B vaccination

This is a vaccination to prevent against meningococcal disease. The disease is a life threatening disease that can affect any age group but is more prevalent in teens and young kids. Although it is rare, it is often fatal and for this reason it is worth vaccinating against. The government in the UK have it on the national scheme but our government is unlikely to do this here in the near future. We carry private stock of the vaccination available for our patients.

Meningococcal ACWY vaccination

This is a vaccination against the W strain of meningococcal which has been prevalent in 2016. The Queensland Government is funding a vaccination program at schools for grade 10 students but they have also given us stock that is available for free to anyone age 15-19. More information can be found this link. We also have this available for private use if you wish to have the vaccination outside of the age group covered by the Government program.