Adult Health

Women's Health

Although all of our doctors are experienced at women's health issues, we understand that many women prefer to see a female doctor for their health needs. We currently have 3 female doctors on staff and some of our female doctors have advanced qualifications Women's Health.

We offer pap smears, breast examinations, advice on contraception, fertility, menopause, and pre and post pregnancy management.

Men's Health

It is well accepted that men are not as conscientious about their own health as women are, but at Newmarket Family Doctors we encourage all our male patients to try and attend their doctor for routine check ups from at least age 40.

Particular men's issues that we help manage include prostate checks, erectile dysfunction, mid life crisis, cardiovascular disease risk, depression and stress issues.

If you prefer a male doctor, we currently have 3 male doctors on staff.

Full Health Checkups and Preventative Health

Preventative Health Checks (commonly known as Check ups) are examinations and investigations aimed at identifying any preventable disease in an asymptomatic person. These can include skin cancer screening, pap smears, breast checks, STD checks, cardiovascular health, weight management, mental health, bone health, prostate problems, cancer prevention, smoking and alcohol problems.

There are various health checks recommended at different ages and as it is quite complex and often related to your family history, it is wise to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss what is appropriate for you at your age.

Often we have patients asking for a check up at the end of a medical problem consult, but as these can be complex and time consuming, we ask that if you want a full health check, that you make a dedicated appointment for this.

Skin Cancer Screening, General Skin Checks and Treatments for Sun Spots and Skin Cancers

Skin cancers can occur at any age and screening normally starts from 13 years upwards depending on family history and the type of skin that you have.

All our doctors are proficient at skin cancer screening and treatment options, and we have a dedicated treatment room available for all minor skin operations such as excisions and biopsies of suspicious lesions.

We recommend that any new skin lesion should be examined by a doctor and any change to the shape, size or colour of an existing skin lesion should be examined also.

Full skin checks can be booked in with our doctors, and we recommend that this should be a dedicated appointment solely for the skin check as it can take some time to look at you from head to toe. Please be prepared to disrobe to underwear for these examinations.

Sports Medicine and Biomechanical Advice

All of our doctors are able to manage acute sporting injuries and chronic muscular skeletal problems such as low back pain, neck and shoulder pain and joint problems. We have close working relations with the various therapists working in our area and are able to advise you on the best treatment options available to you.

Dr Cedric Chu has a particular interest in the biomechanical causes behind a lot of musculoskeletal problems especially chronic headaches, shoulder and neck pains, and low back pain. If you are suffering from a chronic condition, he would appreciate it if you can make a 45 minute appointment for these chronic conditions and come dressed in loose clothing such as sports wear. Please also bring any investigations that you have had performed.

Mental Health Care Plans, Counselling, Mental Health Problems and Stress

Almost all Australians will suffer some form of stress or depression within their life time and knowing when and how to get help is very important to your well being.

All of our doctors are extremely caring and are well positioned to give you advice on the best way to manage your problem. We have an extensive database of recommended therapists in this area and some of our doctors are also trained to do counselling.

Mental Health Care Plans are currently available to aid with the cost of seeing a psychologist, but this Psychology Referral will need to be prepared by a General Practitioner.

A Mental Health Care Plan will enable you to access up to 12 sessions with a psychologist which can be rebated to Medicare within a 12 month period. Strict rules apply as to who can qualify for these rebates. You will need to inform our reception staff in advance as this will require a long appointment of 30-45 mins. Mental Health Care Plan fees are available on our billings page.

Dr Cedric Chu has an interest in anxiety counselling and if you have sleep problems, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety problems, he would prefer that you make a 45 minute appointment so that your problems can be discussed without being rushed.

If you are uncertain as to whether you are suffering from depression or anxiety further information and questionnaires are available at

Weight Problems, Diet and Exercise Advice

Being overweight affects a large proportion of Australians and although being implicated in many of the health problems that we see such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, it is often the elephant in the room that no-one wants to talk about.

Unfortunately, there are also a  lot of fad diets and programs around that make it very confusing for the average person to ascertain what is best for them.

If you need help losing weight, then it is a good idea to prepare a food diary for 1 week with what you have eaten and the time, and then bring it in to discuss this with our doctors. We can discuss diet, exercise, and weight loss medication with you.

In some cases if your weight is contributing to a chronic disease, you may also be eligible to access a Care Plan scheme to have 5 visits to a dietician or exercise physiologist which can be rebated to Medicare.

Influenza Vaccination Clinics

Influenza vaccinations are available from around April every year.

Influenza is a serious infection and can cause death in some people, in particular the elderly, pregnant women and those with weakened immune systems. Additionally, it causes a great economic burden to businesses who cannot afford for many staff to be away sick all at one time.

The infection is known to mutate and can change from year to year, so each year the vaccination is reviewed to best protect against the disease. Therefore the vaccination is normally given annually.

We run dedicated vaccination clinics from around April every year which are bulk billed and the patient only is required to pay the price of the vaccination which is normally $20.

All aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander patients, patients over 55 or those who have chronic illnesses will receive the vaccination for free.

Please call our reception around this time if you are interested in joining our clinic. We will advertise them on our Practice News blog.

Sexual Health, Contraceptive Advice and Implanon Insertions and Removals

At Newmarket Family Doctors we offer a full range of contraceptive options including oral contraception, Nuvaring, Depo Provera, and Implanon Insertion and Removal.

In particular it is important to discuss Implanon and Depo Provera with one of our doctors prior to booking in for the insertion/injection as there are very strict guidelines on when to insert/inject these compounds in relation to your menstrual cycle.

The only contraceptive that we do not offer is Mirena, but we can advise you on whether it is suited to you and also where to have this inserted.

We are also able to provide testing for sexual transmitted diseases.

Chronic Disease Management

If you suffer a chronic disease such as diabetes, mental health problems, arthritis, etc. you may be eligible for additional Medicare funded help in the form of various Care Plans that can make it more affordable for you to access allied health care.

Please speak with your doctor about this.

Care Plans and EPC Dental Referrals

EPC (Extended Primary Care) Care Plans are plans which enable a GP to help co-ordinate and manage people with chronic complex illnesses which require the input from at least 2 other health providers.

This can involve your GP speaking to specialists or allied health professionals to manage your problems, and also to aid in the costs of seeing allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, podiatrists, dieticians, osteopaths, chiropractors, dentists etc.

You will need to make a long appointment as the paperwork to access the plans is quite involved.

Aged Care

After age 75 all patients are eligible for an over 75 aged care assessment and also care plans which can help you access allied health professionals and can be rebateable to Medicare. If you are interested in this, please discuss this with your doctor.

All over 75's require annual drivers medicals and we can do these checks too.