COVID-19 Vaccinations

We will be commencing COVID vaccinations after the Easter long weekend. These will be done at after hours clinics and initially offered to those who fall under the 1b rollout. We will not be offering the vaccination in normal consultation hours. 

Please be aware that initially there will be limited supply so the rollout will be slow and initially it is best if you watch for available online appointments on our Hotdoc online booking system. Unfortunately due to limited supply we cannot cater for people who are not our existing patients. Also if you do not hold a Medicare card then you will need to get your vaccination from a dedicate COVID vaccination clinic. The closest to us is at Nundah.

About the COVID-19 Vaccination

A detailed description of the vaccination is found at this link.

The only vaccination available currently in the community is the Astra Zeneca vaccination.

It is now recommended for over 50's.

It is worth preparing for side effects as many people report up to 2-3 days of feeling feverish, achey, fatigued, abdomen cramps, chills and shakes and nauseous. Plan for 1-2 days off work and have nurofen and panadol on hand.

The vaccination is given as 2 injections 12 weeks apart to the arm.

It is required that you stay at the clinic for 15 minutes after the vaccination.

The vaccination is available free of cost to the patient.

There needs to be a 2 week interval between the COVID vaccination and the Flu Vaccination.

About the Process

Do I qualify for the 1b rollout?

Please click the below link to use the eligibility checker and if you are either 1a or 1b then you can proceed to booking a COVID vaccination. If not you will need to wait until the other categories are announced.

If you are eligible please use the following flow chart to see if we are able to vaccinate you at our practice.

If you are eligible to receive your COVID-19 vaccination at our practice then please proceed through the appointments link in the main menu and click through to our online booking system Hotdocs. You will then see at the bottom of the "What is the reason for your appointment?" page the option to book for COVID-19 Vaccine Dose 1 or Dose 2.

You will be then asked to fill out a consent form online.

If you are having the 1b vaccination due to your employment eligibility rather than for health reasons, you will need to bring proof of your employment and fill out the Eligibility form.

Both these forms can be found in these 2 links if you are unable to do these online. You will need to bring them to the appointment if you have not completed these online.

COVID-19 Consent Form

COVID-19 Eligibility Form


On the day of the vaccination

Now that you are booked in, please ensure the you adhere to the following rules.

Bring your COMPLETED consent form and eligibility form if under 70 years if age if you have not already done this online.

Wear a short sleeve loose top that allows us to vaccinate you in the upper arm.

Be prepared to wait 15 minutes after the vaccination.

Please wear a mask.

No other medical problems will be looked at in this consultation. It is for the vaccination only.

If you are unwell in any way please call us before the appointment so we can reschedule you and fill your position.

If you require proof of vaccination, you can access this through your MyGov account within 24 hours.

Ask your doctor for a medical certificate for 2 days if needed.

Ensure that you have nurofen and panadol on hand for side effects later in the day.