Occupational Health

Workcover and Occupational Medicine

If you are injured at work or whilst travelling to or from work, you are entitled to Workers Compensation for the treatment costs of your injuries. Workcover Queensland is the main provider of compensation in Queensland, but some larger companies will have their own insurance companies.

We are able to manage all work related injuries but you will need to report the injury to your employer and then make an appointment to see one of our doctors for further paperwork.

There may be some upfront costs in your treatment, but once approved, Workcover will cover most medical costs involved in your treatment.

Driver's Medicals for Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicle Licences require a specialised examination and preparation of paperwork.

You will need to bring in your existing licence and prepare the paperwork before you arrive.  You can download the application at this link.


Commercial Vehicle Licence appointments cannot be rebated to Medicare and will attract a GST charge, but can be claimed against your tax if it is for work purposes. Our fees are listed on the Billings page.

Corporate Vaccination Programs

We offer a Brisbane Business Corporate Vaccination Program to those businesses who wish to do a mass vaccination of their staff.

Our most popular Corporate Vaccination Program is the annual Influenza vaccination that becomes available in April/May each year. However, other common vaccination programs for businesses include child care and health worker vaccinations, travel vaccinations for business travel and vaccinations for tradesmen exposed to non-sanitised conditions.

Please see above for more information on Influenza Vaccinations.

For more information on how we can help your business, please contact Karryn our Practice Manager.

Local Businesses and Schools

If you are a local business and have a medical or health need that you are wanting a doctor's advice on, please contact our practice manager Karryn.

Areas that we often are asked to help out with are pre-employment medicals, vaccination and influenza vaccination clinics, preventing workplace injury assessments, workcover assessments, rehabilitation management, workplace stress problems.

For schools, organisations and larger businesses some of our doctors are available for health talks. Professional fees may apply so if you are requesting a talk, then please feel free to contact our practice manager Karryn.

Insurance Reports and Pre-Employment Medicals

We are often asked to provide information to insurance companies for assessment of eligibility for Income Protection and Life Insurance reasons.

Unfortunately, patients are often unaware this happens and access to your records is given when you sign the application form. Please speak with your insurance broker about this.

We do not hand over your medical records but will often complete a questionaire provided by the companies.

Legal Reports

We are often asked for a copy of your entire medical record by insurance companies and lawyers in the settlement for legal cases such as motor vehicle accident claims, and unfortunately patients are often unaware that they give this approval when they sign the claims forms.

Our policy is not to hand over any medical records unless we have cleared it with the patient. Instead we offer the lawyers to simply write a report or a provide a copy of the consultation directly related to the incident.

Please speak with your lawyer if you need further clarification on this.