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Playa Maria La Gorda, Cuba

Newmarket Family Doctors is a government accredited travel vaccination centre so we are able to provide Yellow Fever vaccinations in addition to all your travel needs.

Additionally we supply and can provide you with vaccinations at a price that is often cheaper than pharmacies. Some vaccinations may need to be ordered in, so it is worth calling us ahead of time before your appointment to let us know if we need to order some vaccinations in especially for your trip.

We also have a subscription service where we can provide  you with the latest health advice for your destination. Please call our receptionists before your appointment to fill in the paperwork and we can have this ready for when you come in for your appointment.

We provide health and hygiene advice, vaccination advice, malaria prevention, travel medical kits and general medical advice for travel. Additionally, one of our doctors Dr Helen Bajada has a special interest in Travel Medicine and also works at a specialist Travel Clinic. Dr Cedric Chu has travelled to 66 countries around the world so he is also knowledgeable about the on-the-ground experiences of travelling.

If you are travelling overseas, it is worthwhile discussing your health needs and vaccinations with your doctor before you go. We would recommend seeing us around 8 weeks before you travel.

If you are planning a complex trip such as travel to remote areas, multiple countries, travelling for extended periods, or if you require yellow fever vaccinations, it is advisable to make a longer 30 minute appointment as your health needs may be complicated.

Additionally, if you are receiving yellow fever vaccinations, you will be required to stay at the practice for 30 minutes after your injection.

A list of Yellow Fever countries can be found at this link.

Mursi Tribe Woman, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

When you book your appointment, you should inform our reception staff that it is a travel appointment as we often will use MASTA, a health advisory service for the most up to date information on health problems in the area that you are travelling to.

Before your appointment, we will ask you to fill in a form with your itinerary and send it to MASTA who will in turn send us a document with health recommendations for your travel. This often will take 1-2 days to arrive.

Some countries such as Dubai have specific requirements for carrying medications for health reasons and as part of your planning we would advise that you consult with